Holiday Flavors
N&A American Pie - Tastes like apple pie
N&A Autumn Spice -- Tastes like Irish Crème and Spiced Butter Rum
N&A Bourbon Pecan Torte
N&A Butter Rum
N&A Candy Cane
N&A Caramel Apple
N&A Carrot Cake
N&A Chocolate Mint
N&A Chocolate Orange
N&A Chocolate Peanut Butter
N&A Christmas Cookie -- Tastes like a sugar cookie
N&A Christmas in a Cup -- Tastes like gingerbread, hazelnut and vanilla
N&A Cinnamon Egg Nog
N&A Cinnamon Gingerbread
N&A Cookie Nut - Tastes like a cinnamon and hazelnut cookie
N&A Egg Nog
N&A Gingerbread
N&A Graham Cracker
N&A Java Jingle -- Tastes like holiday spices, vanilla, butter and rum
N&A Jingle Bell Java - Tastes like rum, vanilla crème and caramel. Buttery
N&A Kris Kringles Kranberry Crème - Tastes like vanilla crème and cranberries
N&A Maple Nut Crunch
N&A Mistletoe Mocha -- Tastes like chocolate mint
N&A Moose Tracks -- Tastes like chocolate and roasted nuts
N&A Nutcracker Sweet -- Tastes like nuts, cinnamon and vanilla crème
N&A Orange Spice
N&A Pumpkin Spice -- Tastes like Pumpkin Spices
N&A Pumpkin Pie - Tastes like Pumpkin Pie
N&A Roasted Chestnut -- Tastes like roasted chestnuts and sweet crème
N&A Santa's Secret -- Tastes like Egg Nog and butter rum
N&A S'Mores - Tastes like vanilla crème, chocolate and graham crackers
N&A Sugar Plum Pudding - Creamy Plum and Brandy notes with a dash of cinnamon & nutmeg 
N&A Spiced Butter Rum -- Tastes like butter notes and Jamaican rum
N&A Vermont Maple - Tastes like rich Vermont maple
N&A White Christmas -- Tastes like chocolate, cinnamon and roasted hazelnuts
N&A Winter Wonderland -- Tastes like Bavarian chocolate, cinnamon and hazelnut


Note: N&A [Natural and Artificial]. This is only a partial listing of our top Coffee Flavors

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